Sunday, 23 December 2012

Creative Works Group Network : Get PR2,PR3 Homepage Backlinks

The Creative Works Group is self network made by Sanu Dutta, He's an seo specialist and consultant, As of right now, I maintain an active role in nearly 10 SEO projects for small to large businesses throughout the jamshedpur.  I have dozens of blog and websites that help new webmasters to get backlinks.

So here is some of the blogs with Page Rank:

If You are interested I'll give you Homepage listing just for  $8.99/website.

Homepage Backlink is the holy grail of SEO these days, Google and other search engine simply loves this kind of backlink areas. However, it is extremely expensive at a monthly expense. We are giving you a one time permanent PR2-3 homepage backlink here. Your backlink will remain at the homepage forever.